Can I Get Health Insurance If I am not a US Citizen?




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    Christina Tradd

    Hi Ryan,


    I have a B1/B2 visa meant for short term business and tourism purposes. I visit the US pretty often for meetings for my work in the UK and that qualifies me as a non-immigrant. As I have legal status, can I purchase health insurance?


    I spend quite a few months in the US every year so want to be sure I'm covered.



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    Joe Cronin

    Hi Christina. Internationals residing in the USA are able to purchase a private global medical insurance plan that is comprehensive and annually renewable. Additionally, it will provide worldwide coverage in any country, including back home in the UK. 

    An alternative and more affordable option would be to purchase an annual travel insurance plan. These plans will cover you for multiple trips per year up to a maximum number of days per trip (typically 30 or 45 days max per trip). They are a less comprehensive emergency medical plan that will cover you if you get sick or injured but not for checkups or wellness visits.

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